Researchers & FITE

Advanced Interventional Endoscopy Procedures provide improved standards and options for the diagnosis and treatment of ailments affecting the GI tract. 

FITE’s mission supports the highest level of expertise, outcomes, research, and value for patient care. 

This arm of FITE has been created to develop all-encompassing endoscopic research opportunities with prospective studies, outcomes research, clinical trials, economic analyses, and more across multicenter platforms. Researchers will be involved in all aspects of grant writing, protocol development, data gathering, data analysis, abstract and manuscript publication, as well as a presentation at annual meetings.

We will be offering the following soon for advanced endoscopy research initiatives

  1. Research Documents and SOPs
  2. Research Consultation and Support
  3. Researchers Directory
  4. Clinical Trials Directory
  5. Endoscopic Research Committee
  6. Ethics implementation in trials
  7. Consulting for sample size & biostatistics, & stopping          rules
  8. Consulting for navigating ethics board or IRB
  9. Samples of trial logs, and other important documents
  10. Consulting  for clinical trial logistics and risk/benefit ratio

If you are interested in helping advance the mission and vision of interventional endoscopy through research, please email us at [email protected]