Foundation for Interventional & Therapeutic Endoscopy

A Foundation built by Interventional Endoscopists for Interventional Endoscopists

To advance healthcare outcomes by enhancing the field of interventional & therapeutic endoscopy to provide cost effective, safe & minimally invasive procedures. 

FITE  is the first and only organization that is exclusively dedicated to interventional and therapeutic endoscopists in the US.

FITE is also a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organization.

The foundation will enhance & promote the expansion of the field of advanced therapeutic endoscopy thereby increasing access to specialized endoscopic procedures while reducing cost and morbidity for patients in a manner that promotes uniform quality, training and credentialing in order to optimize healthcare value and outcomes for patients. We recognize that therapeutic endoscopy will play a greater role in the care of digestive diseases, cancers, and obesity in the future. 

The foundation will function to develop awareness, research, and pathways for complex procedures. This includes: standardization of training, creation of criteria for uniform credentialing and privileging, advocating for reimbursement codes for niche interventions, research collaborations and support dedicated to interventional endoscopy, and accelerate development of devices or performance of procedures necessary to enhance the growth of the field and patient care. 

The foundation would strive to improve or eliminate obstacles or barriers in order to provide better care for all patients.

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New Membership Platform

FITE is proud to announce our new membership platform! Apply today to be a FITE member. Any professional with clinical expertise and/or research or clinical interest in therapeutic endoscopy can join FITE. We encourage applications from therapeutic endoscopy clinicians, advanced endoscopy trainees, GI fellows, Internal Medicine residents, medical school students, allied health professionals, and industry personnel to join this foundation. Registration is free until December 31, 2024.

Register FREE until December 31, 2024!

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DDW FITE Meeting

Saturday, May 18, 2024 | 6:30pm – 9:00pm

FITE members, endoscopy fellows, fellows program directors, and interventional endoscopists interested in joining FITE are invited to attend the largest gathering of Advanced Endoscopists and Endoscopy Fellows in the country for an evening of education & networking. FITE is a unique organization created by interventional endoscopists for interventional endoscopists. During DDW® 2024, FITE is hosting this must-attend event as an opportunity to engage in an evening of education, networking, and dialog on important interventional topics. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation with full event details.


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